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Get 22 out of 30 questions correct and you can watch an alternative ending to the film that was exclusively shot for the app.
The app also includes free stills from the film, production blueprints and the trailer.

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Glia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Glia ia currently in post production.


Our TV production projects


Shooting Film is a UK film production company focusing on Drama feature films. Our backgrounds are deeply rooted in visual story telling combined with world leading technology. Our mission is to create original Film drama backed up by original distribution models with unique monetisation.

Feature Film Production

Our new feature film "Glia" has completed shooting and is in post production.

Writing & Directing

Our projects are written in-house, shot and directed with our own crew and edited at our facility in Hertfordshire.

Editing 4K+ footage and HDR

Our 4K editing facility includes a new Shader based realtime pipeline enabling stunning SFX in realtime.

Mobile App Marketing

We make iPhone and Android Apps and use them to market our own projects.

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